George Farauanu

Program Director, Digital and Innovation

George is one of the co-founders of the Institute and oversees our Digital and Innovation Policy Cluster. Serving as a steadfast member of the Directory Board, George actively contributes to our strategic planning, embodying a commitment to excellence.

George’s entrepreneurial journey began with the co-founding of Confidas, a fin-tech startup committed to facilitating business-to-business due diligence for Romanian entrepreneurs. Securing an investment exceeding 130,000 euros from various supporters underscored George’s ability to garner meaningful backing for innovative ventures.

Currently, George directs the business development division at Cornerstone Technologies, a provider of software solutions within the legal industry. His leadership significantly contributes to the company’s success and market positioning.

In the academic realm, George’s foundation is in law, having earned his LL.B from Ovidiu University in Constanța. Currently pursuing an LL.M in business law at the University of Bucharest, George is dedicated to continuous professional development. He holds accreditation as an expert in public acquisitions and project management of European funds.

George’s career intertwines legal expertise with a nuanced understanding of business dynamics. His multifaceted skill set and strategic approach make him an asset to both the Institute and the broader professional community. George exemplifies the convergence of legal proficiency and a measured entrepreneurial spirit, reflecting success in today’s dynamic business landscape.