About Us

Our mission

Open dialogue and actionable ideas

We believe that good public policies rely on two pillars: open dialogue that encourages critical but constructive opinions and ideas that can be actually put into practice by practitioners and institutions. At Quartet Institute we aim to encourage and provide both.

We do this both through our publications and by facilitating meetings between practitioners, experts, the public, and policy-makers.

We adopt a regional focus, specializing on the broad Central and Eastern European region, including the Western Balkans and the Black Sea region.

Our Approach

How We Work

The key pillar of our work relies on the expertise of our affiliated researchers and fellows. We aim to analyze key issues, identify their causes, and enable the development of actionable solutions.

We engage with key stakeholders to get a good grasp of the real problems and build collaborative solutions.

We believe that open debate is the cornerstone of liberal democratic governance. We get better policy-making and representative governance when people engage in debate over societal issues. 

We value team work and encourage cooperations and partnerships between different stakeholders and similar think tanks from Romania and abroad.

Our work is focused on the needs and problems of the countries and societies from Central and Eastern Europe, including the Western Balkans and the Black Sea region.